Thursday, February 22, 2007

Meet the Gyroball

In today's NY Times, there's an entertaining article about a new type of (baseball) pitch being thrown (mostly) by Japanese pitchers, including two that have signed to the Red Sox and the Yankees: the gyroball. Apparently, though, the Japanese have another name for it:
Tezuka sought out a Japanese computer scientist, Ryutaro Himeno, to test his theory. They published a book in 2001 called “Makyuu no Shoutai.” Translated, the title of the book means, “Secrets of the Demon Miracle Pitch.”
That reminds me of the time on NewsRadio (the TV show) when the boss wrote a "How I Succeeded in Business and How You Can, Too" sort of book and had it translated into Japanese. Translated, the title became Feel My Skills Donkey Donkey Donkey Donkey Donkey.


Joe said...

H, your arch-nemesis Kyle Smith once told me that to say, "I'm going to kick your ass" in Japanese directly translates to: "I am going to hit you in the face until you die." Good stuff. By the way, I put that sofa we spoke of in the mail via UPS. They required a biohazard team to ship it.

Hunter Slaton said...

Man, fuck Kyle.