Thursday, February 08, 2007


Work has been very busy, and so not so many blogs recently.

This, though, is one of my new favorite things: clocky.

It runs away and hides when it's time for you to wake up!


Jake-Freedom said...

Wow - thats great. They will probably sell a lot of those because people will end up throwing them out their windows or shooting them in the face and then getting new ones to replace the old ones that they shot.

Hunter Slaton said...

That could be true, but I kind of feel like the sort of person who might be inclined to buy clocky is not the sort of person that has a gun and uses it to shoot things. You might be the exception to this rule.

Joe said...

Did you see that clocky costs fifty bucks?

Brooke said...

I don't own, nor have I ever fired, a gun. But I took one look at Clocky and was already thinking about ways to destroy it (kicking it, throwing it, sic-ing the larger of my two cats on it). That's one smug-ass alarm clock.

Good Lord, I hate waking up early.

Hunter Slaton said...

To Brooke: It's like a Furby had sex with an alarm clock.