Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Spring's tipping point

Every year spring comes and I feel like I’m winning a prize for a contest I didn’t enter.

That’s a gift, man; April’s not the cruelest month—or at least it all depends on one’s perspective. At any rate, I’m psyched for the upcoming seasons. My analysts are predicting good things.

But so: anybody in NYC looking for stuff to do this summer? We get older and busier and scheduling becomes necessity. Here are some ideas:

Catch a game on Coney Island, with the amusement park as whimsical backdrop

See Shakespeare performed in the park, with blinking planes flying over

See a show in one of New York's great pools, built by the WPA in the '30s

More TK.


Thoughtlaced said...

These are all good ideas that have appeared on my wish list for three years without ever happening...well, OK, I did see Agora at McCarrein pool last year, but it was great and would love to see it again....keep me in the loop. -Carl

Spoooon said...

Dude I'll catch a game with ya.