Friday, February 02, 2007

Let Me Tell You About the Way to Harefield

From the power or telephone line that formerly had a number of pairs of shoes slung over it, there are two easy ways to get to Harefield Road, on Metropolitan Avenue between Graham Avenue and Humboldt Street. The first is to walk east between the scary delis along Jackson, taking a left on Woodpoint and then a right on Metropolitan. Passing this way you'll pass a number of points of interest, including, on your right, a church (Catholic, I assume), at which, after the February 3rd services, there will be a blessing of the throat; a large apartment building called The Point, which is a monstrosity; a small, cave-like shrine to the Virgin Mary that is always filled with burning candles, even in the morning; and, more prosaically, a White Castle.

For those of you out there in TV Land who are unaware, the White Castle is a terrible fast-food establishment that serves delicious "sliders," or very small hamburgers, about 2 inches square. I have read them described as "wet, tasty little morsels," and that's as accurate a description as any. Forgive the vulgarity, but they wreak havoc on your insides. For those of you in the South, think Krystal, but more suspect.

Used to be, the White Castle's "dining room" was open 24 hours a day, though this changed a few months ago so that now only the drive-thru (which cannot, and I speak from personal experience, be utilized on foot) is open 24 hours a day; the interior closes at midnight I believe.

Which is probably a good thing. Once a friend and I, both overserved and, hence, desirous of White Castle, hatched a plan while wolfing down sliders, to steal one of the old-timey (from the 1950s, maybe) White Castle ads that were framed and hanging on the wall. We had the whole thing down pat: I would create a distraction while my friend lifted the poster and walked out the door toward my apartment. It was foolproof -- or so we thought.

But others, apparently, had had the same impulse -- the poster turned out to be hot-glued to the wall, and we were forced to walk away empty-handed, with a belly full of sliders and a head full of booze.

White Castle, 781 Metropolitan Avenue, open 24 hrs, dining room closes @ midnight. Avoid the Church's chicken, which is also sold there.


Anonymous said...

fyi: taco bell also has a no-foot-traffic policy in the drive-thru. my brother and i once learned this, but not without giving t-bell a lecture on pedestrian discrimination. -lwh

banjee joe said...

Is Harefield our destination? Did I miss something?

Hunter Slaton said...

Not for this post, my closeted, gayngsta friend; rather the way is the destination. Very Zen, I know.

portmanteau of recent coinage said...

Very Zen indeed. I too recall an evening at White Castle. 10 burgers, 2 large fries, 2 large Cokes for like $7. It hit the spot after an evening with Pennsylvania Pilsner.