Monday, February 26, 2007

Burn the Arcade

This post is about the Arcade Fire. Did anyone catch them on Saturday Night Live? They (along with The Office's Rainn Wilson, who is maybe the weirdest-looking guy ever), were amazing. The band played two songs, "Intervention" and "Keep the Car Running," and after the show apparently played three more songs for cast and crew.

Here are some links if anyone is interested. I highly recommend their first album, Funeral; their new album, called Neon Bible, is out March 6th ... I'm really excited for it.

The Arcade Fire in Concert (courtesy of NPR).

MP3s of the two songs broadcast on SNL; "Intervention" is particularly breathtaking (courtesy of the blog Six Eyes).

In other news, last night on PBS I caught the documentary about the Brooklyn Bridge ... I'd seen it before, but last night watching it was just as good. The documentary documents the building of the bridge, which was completed, if you can believe it, in 1883; and then has commentary from a number of historians and critics and what-not. One guy, David McCullough, who is the author of many books, most notably and recently 1776 and John Adams, had this to say:
"The Brooklyn Bridge makes one feel better about being alive."
I wholeheartedly agree.

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Dick Book said...

Big ups to Washington Roebling. Say...say you! you in the cape. Whatchoo doin peepin' in them peoples windows? And when you gonna bring back The Chronicles of Williamsburg?