Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Attenzione, attenzione!

Calling all rock 'n' rollers... THE AMERICAN PRINCES, Little Rock, Arkansas's finest indie rock band (emphasis on the rock), will be playing at 7:30pm Wednesday night at New York City's famed MERCURY LOUNGE. Tix are just $8, and three other bands are playing after THE AMERICAN PRINCES so it's worth your hard-earned dolla bills!

Rumor has it that ROLLING STONE magazine will be in attendance to see THE AMERICAN PRINCES... as such, all who've ever loved this band should come out to represent. Also, other people who as yet haven't loved this band should come, because soon you'll love them, too.

For details call (917/405-5956) or email (hunterslaton at gmail dot com) HUNTER R.S.

Friday, May 26, 2006

About a Bill

So I was reading an article about Gore in New York magazine, and
there's this part where the author is discussing what might happen in
Gore v. Hillary for the Dem nom, and the writer brings up Bill, and
how he might affect the match-up.

"Think about Bill," an old Clinton hand says, half-jokingly.  "You can
see him talking to Hillary one minute, then ducking into his study to
take Gore's call and advise him on how to beat her.  He's Clinton, you
know – he just can't help himself."

Hilarious – and totally true.  There's something just so likable about
Clinton, for that reason; he just obviously loves the game of it all,
loves being alive and a player in things.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Walking up 1st Avenue yesterday evening, on my way to the L train and home, I had a funny encounter.

I was walking just behind a guy and a girl, together, and the guy was on his cell talking to someone else.

"We're going to Tile Bar?" he asked into the phone. "Where's Tile Bar?"

I piped up behind him - "1st Ave and 7th Street" - and the guy on the phone turned towards me, seemed to size me up, and said, "1st and 7th, says the mustachioed man behind me."

As I passed the couple, I caught the still-on-the-phone guy's eye and pointed up the street to Tile Bar, which was within view. I sped up walking and began to pull away from them when I heard the guy ask into his phone, "Is there food there?"

"No!" I shouted back.

The guy looked again at me and said into the phone, "Goddamn, this guy ahead of me is so on point...."

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Keep it Vaulted

Though I usually try to keep this blog not-me-centered, today I have a bit of good news.

Reposted from Planworld:

Today I accepted a new job, as an editor at a company called Vault. I hadn't heard of it before I applied, but apparently it's pretty big with non-publishing types, especially in areas like law. It's a career information/business guide publishing company, and they do guides on everything from the Top 100 Law Firms to How to Get a Career in TV Writing.

It pays 16 percent more than I'm making now; has full benefits and 401k; and for vacation I get 15 days in my first year and 20 in my second! Also it's totally casual and growing and is located in a laid-back office in Chelsea, just north of where I work now. I'm very excited about this, and can't wait to start (and get PAID). My first day there will be the 5th of June.

Hooray (said in a Dave Chappelle voice) for me!

Monday, May 08, 2006

A Tree Grew in Brooklyn...

...but it doesn't anymore.

I spent most of Saturday cutting down trees in Diana and her neighbors' backyards. The reason we were cutting down trees (a rarity in New York) in backyards (double rarity) was that these trees were mulberry trees - a.k.a. "trash trees." All last summer they produced these awful berries in numbers that were truly staggering. I mean, we're talking a two-inch thick carpet of rotting, stinky, staining berries that attracted flies and all manner of bug from miles (or at least it seemed) away.

So this weekend, after a death row reprieve of a couple of weeks due to rain, the mulberrys came down - with a crash. We had a pruner chainsaw on a long pole, a reciprocating saw to dispose of the "bodies," a very tall extension ladder, some rope, and a makeshift grappling hook - a garden implement tied onto the end of the rope. We went up top of the ladder, trimmed down, and only really ran into problems with the last major chunk of the biggest tree.

We tried everything: we cut, we grappled, we pulled, we hit - from all angles. Eventually with a big heave-ho in the right direction the beast came crashing down, only to lodge itself on the severed stump of its other fork. It's a wonder none of us got hit, broke an arm, etc. We split up the remaining pieces with the pole chainsaw and quit to watch the Kentucky Derby, which my roommate and one of the guys cutting trees with us won - a five-dollar bet on Barbaro, which went off at 6-to-1.