Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Keep it Vaulted

Though I usually try to keep this blog not-me-centered, today I have a bit of good news.

Reposted from Planworld:

Today I accepted a new job, as an editor at a company called Vault. I hadn't heard of it before I applied, but apparently it's pretty big with non-publishing types, especially in areas like law. It's a career information/business guide publishing company, and they do guides on everything from the Top 100 Law Firms to How to Get a Career in TV Writing.

It pays 16 percent more than I'm making now; has full benefits and 401k; and for vacation I get 15 days in my first year and 20 in my second! Also it's totally casual and growing and is located in a laid-back office in Chelsea, just north of where I work now. I'm very excited about this, and can't wait to start (and get PAID). My first day there will be the 5th of June.

Hooray (said in a Dave Chappelle voice) for me!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new job. There is nothing wrong with writing about yourself every and now then. In fact, its needed.
Any chance to see you on tv still?

Anonymous said...

New jobs rock. Congrats. This is Allison, by the way. Thought of you a couple weeks ago -- was traveling in Chile and thumbing through the Rough Guide pretty regularly. Thought I was safe launching my career as a TV writer, but no! You're everywhere. Drop me a line with your generic email -- all I have is your Rough G address.

Hunter Slaton said...

Hi Allison - which Allison are you? I couldn't tell from the "voice" of your comment.

My email is hunterslaton at gmail dot com.

Hunter Slaton said...

Oh, and no, first poster, unfortunately you won't be seeing me on TV.

Anonymous said...

First poster here. Sorry to hear about the no-show on tv. T'would have been fun to see you kicking arse and taking names on the small screen. Good luck with Vault, Chelsea, the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

From article about internships, a mention of Vault.
"Instead of starting out in the mailroom for a pittance, this generation reports for business upstairs without pay. A national survey by Vault, a career information Web site, found that 84 percent of college students in April planned to complete at least one internship before graduating. Also according to Vault, about half of all internships are unpaid. .. . . "