Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Yesterday & Today

Yesterday was my birthday. It was nice.

Tonight (11/14) is an art show called Free Reign. It is in Williamsburg at a place called Avantfloor, which is at 210 Kent, aka (according to the flyer) "around the back on River St., corner of Metropolitan Avenue, in the basement of Monster Island."

Which reminds me of some of my favorite lines from The Simpsons:
Carl: I hear we're going to Ape Island.
Lenny: Yeah, to capture a giant ape. I wish we were going to Candy Apple Island
Charlie: Candy Apple Island? Whatta they got there?
Carl: Apes. But they're not so big.
Nevertheless: this art show, from 9pm to midnight, is not made-up, even though the directions maybe sound like they are. Several people I know—including Jibz Cameron, Samantha Marble, and Will Plummer—will have work there. Anyone wanting something fun to do should come.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Post-Birthday!