Wednesday, November 01, 2006

In other (monkey) news

Yesterday, after reading an article in The New York Times about how elephants seem to be self-aware—proven via the "mirror test," in which animals are tested as to whether or not they recognize their own reflection in a mirror—I did a search online for "monkeys and mirrors." Though I didn't find anything much about monkeys and mirrors, I did find a very interesting story about how a troop of monkeys in India rescued a recently orphaned member of their group from a police station. Below is a quote, and then the link.
"The monkeys behaved in an exemplary fashion and impressed us with their show of solidarity. Human beings have a lot to learn from them."
Here it is.


scram. said...

BRO - did you see my post about Monkey Talk? You should check out the links I included - it's pretty interesting.

Guildmage of the Efficient Exit

Rebecca said...

Monkeys are amazing! I love science/animal news (except the science articles that are really about diet advice--ick).