Tuesday, November 21, 2006

23rd & Pistol

This morning I exited the subway station and walked across 6th Avenue for a paper. As I crossed the street, I saw an armored car being unloaded. A guy was wheeling a dolly stacked with stacks and stacks of currency. I couldn't see the denomination, but it was a bundle of bread.

As I passed the dolly full of dough, I saw a guy in uniform standing at the ready near the back of the armored car, pistol totally drawn, down by his side with his finger through the, um, trigger hole? I don't know what that's called. It was a bit unsettling when I caught the guy's eye.

On a side note, there are very few words that have come to English from the Czech language. Pistol is one. Robot is another. Can anyone name the most notable word we've inherited from the Czech? (Robot and pistol are the No. 2 and 3 entries; the missing word's No. 1.)

(Hint: this blog entry is peppered with slang terms for what this word, more generally, represents.)


a. nuss brown said...

My guess is "dollar." By the way, an average armored car drivers make a terrible living. High risk @ $10/hr.

Hunter Slaton said...

Joe -- aka "A. Nuss Brown" -- wins the gold kolache! (Which is a sort of pastry of Czech origin.)

Jake-Freedom said...

Wow, that was quite possibly the most informative blog (comments included) I have ever read. Each sentence had a parenthetical citation behind it with an interesting fact for the brain. I think I am going to start talking like that (wouldn't that be amusing).

Ballsack (that word is not Czech, it's just ballsack).

scram. said...

I'm sick.

Hey Brothers,

Did you know that Dad has to wear a ROBOT mask when he sleeps? It helps him not snore.

It's crazy, which means it's great.

Brother #3