Monday, November 27, 2006

Back from hiatus

I was on hiatus while my dad was visiting over Thanksgiving. Now I'm off hiatus.

My dad and I had a great time. We:
  1. Went to Peter Luger for Thanksgiving. It was killer.
  2. Saw Borat. Ribald.
  3. Checked out Times Square. (It's still there.)
  4. Watched the Razorbacks lose in an exciting, if ultimately disappointing, game with LSU.
  5. Saw The Producers. Infectious.
  6. Ate dinner at Carnegie Deli, 'neath a signed photo of Guv'nah Mike Huckabee, the Uzbek.
  7. Took a very insane cab ride home.
  8. Walked all 'round Central Park. Gorgeous fall weather.
  9. Watched A Mighty Wind. It was OK.
  10. Ate brunch at Harefield and listened to a band play.
  11. Ate at White Castle. Sober. Oof.


Franklin Delano Roosevelt Jones said...

Why was the cab ride, as you say, "insane?"

Hunter Slaton said...

The cab ride was, as I said, "insane," because the guy would floor it from a full stop to the next light, at which he'd slam on the brakes. He was swerving between lanes, honking his horn, and also blew right past the Williamsburg Bridge exit on the FDR, marooning us in the Lower East Side for a while.