Friday, December 01, 2006

Review of Borat movie-film

2. Saw Borat. Ribald.
Hello! Multiples of days ago I see Borat movie-film with father name of David. I like. Father David also like, but he say not all like. I not know why. It is humorous movie-film, with many joke-makings about stupid Americans. But also many of Americans in movie-film are appearing to be No. 1 in quality and what makes good about U.S. and A. An instance of quality American is drivings instructor. I like him! He let Borat kiss him on each cheeks, and not hit him or shout a rape. He is quality Americans.

The Americans in New York are not so nice. They say they will hit in balls, or “fuck him up.” I not know why they want to make sexy time with Borat. Borat look like a sheet. But Pamela Andersons, she is wah-wah-wee-wah!

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