Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Random Paragraph Generator

This is kind of fantastic.

Sample randomly generated paragraph:
Anastasia supports Arkansas below the substitute justice. Arkansas inhabits the pressing jack. The accomplished composer prevails against Arkansas. In Arkansas raves the ideology. The pointless basis causes Arkansas within the restrained audio. A functional pot invests in Arkansas under a seeing fire.


Dawgtown Willie said...

Taliban rockets wedding after a virgin. An ingredient plays with taliban before the sunshine. Taliban fasts with a spread flour. Taliban pops around a bow context. The molecule stirs. An easy lifetime coasts below a lazy racket.

Primary: taliban
Secondary: wedding

This random paragraph kinda cracked me up...hope it doesn't get your blog put on any watch lists.

Joe said...

Primary: Amazon
Secondary: inferiority

Inferiority cases Amazon. Inferiority mans a postcard across a choice. Why won't Amazon swing the supreme? Amazon zooms below inferiority. Why can't an ass flower with Amazon? Inferiority guides a compressed duck throughout the umbrella manner.