Monday, December 04, 2006

Feel free to squeeze the Charmin

3. Checked out Times Square. (It's still there.)
Boy is it ever: the place was jam-packed with people, tourists all. You can always tell the tourist in NYC by how, when waiting for the “walk” light across the street to change, they stand dutifully on the curb, rather than out in the road, champing at the bit to get across, as city-dwellers do.

The latest and greatest addition to Times Square would have to be the Charmin bathrooms. I did not go inside, but apparently they’re these really nice (I suppose that’s relative, but whatever) bathrooms, staffed by attendants, for free use by the general public. I was reading a news story about these facilities and it said that in the first few days of their opening, they had been used by more than 50,000 “gotta go” souls. The article went on to ask the question, “Where did they all go before?”

I have one answer to that question. But I’ll not share it here.

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Crawford Claft, manager Times Square Marriott said...

I feel that this is an appropriate forum to answer that burning question. The public has a right to know.