Tuesday, December 05, 2006


4. Watched the Razorbacks lose in an exciting, if ultimately disappointing, game with LSU.
Since the post in which I posted the above, I also watched the Razorbacks lose in an even more exciting, but unfortunately also disappointing, game vs. the Florida Gators.

That was the SEC Championship game. The Razorbacks—aka the Hogs—are now 10-3 (read as “ten and three,” meaning 10 wins and three losses) for the season. The losses came in the first game against USC; and then LSU and Florida. Now just one game remains, the Capital One Bowl on January 1st, against Wisconsin, in Orlando, Florida. The Razorbacks have only played the Wiconsin Badgers once, way back in 1912. They beat us 64-7 … but the (figurative) college football playing field has changed a lot since then, and I don’t think the Razorbacks should have much trouble dispatching the Badgers, quality team though they may be.

Suffice it to say, it’s been a very good season, way beyond what anyone thought the Razorbacks would achieve this year. Finishing 11-3 would be great, but finishing 10-4 would be just fine as well. But let’s hope for 11-3. Just has a better ring to it.

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