Wednesday, May 23, 2007

This is terrifying.

OK, so, Mayor McCheese. No big deal, right? Look more closely.

Isn't this picture sort of vaguely terrifying, like in a decadent Weimar Republic-type way? Note the mayor's accusatory glare and malevolent expression. Doesn't he seem to be staring into the depths of your soul? What about the weird shadows on his head, and the raised eyebrows? Can't you just see him yelling "Schnell! Schnell!" to some poor gypsy, or perhaps calmly torturing a suspected spy? There's something just so bad-trippy about this picture.


Joe said...

After the ribbon cutting and presentation of the key to the city to the local dignitary, we'll get elbow deep in some serious intrigue, malfeasance, and chicanery.

Matthew said...

those eyeglasses do look a bit like handcuffs. i don't trust him at all.