Thursday, May 03, 2007


Here are some words which may no longer be used:
  1. Sunworshippers. Noun. An awful word used by hacky travel writers when trying to sound bougeouis and at a loss to come up with some new way to describe people that go to beaches.
  2. Landed. Verb. "I landed my dream job at Glamour magazine yesterday." A word used chiefly by new female initiates to the New York publishing world. Often travels in packs with Cosmopolitans and very bad music on iPods.
  3. Ginormous. Adj. See previous post.
  4. Gawker Stalker. Noun (proper). An "app" made by the blog, which plots, on a real map of Manhattan, where various celebrities have been sighted. Now you can know exactly where the person who is no different from yourself except in that they had the bad taste and hubris to pursue a dubious career in self-promotion, aka acting, buys a hammer!
And here is an amazing story from The NY Times about Kool-Aid pickles, or "Koolickles." Further proof that kids in the South are the smartest kids ever.


Joe Gordon said...

Yes, remove those four items from the collective vocabulary. And we will need to add Koolickles ASAP.

scram. said...

Hunter - meet Jacob and I at Mr. Vern's pond. We'll go from there - I smell a road-trip to the delta - and, yep... it smells kosher.

Jake-Freedom said...

I smell the same thing. It must be brewing in the early summer Arkansas humidity. Something makes me want to roll down the windows and drive through smelly old towns.