Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Go Go Arkansawyers

It's a big week for Arkansans in New York.

Today, on DailyCandy, the inimitable Little Rock native Mary Kathryn Wells' clothing line, called Smart Fitzjerrell, is featured. Check out the fun write-up here, and the clothes here.

Last night, I saw Jeff Nichols' movie Shotgun Stories as part of the Tribeca Film Festival. I can't give enough props to Jeff—the movie was moving, funny, pretty, sad, and hopeful; aka everything a great movie should be. If you live in New York and want to see it, there's one more screening, this Saturday at 2:30pm, at the AMC 72nd Street East. Go here (scroll down to the movie's title) to read a synopsis and buy tickets.

As for me, another Little Rocker in NYC—I ain't done shit. But I'm having fun.


Anonymous said...

I saw Shotgun Stories this past Friday. What a beautiful film. That Michael Shannon guys is brilliant.

scram. said...

Is that Ben Nichols' little brother (raisin' Hell, livin' down in Texas)?

Lucero biographer said...

Scram...Jeff is actually the littler of the little brothers. The one mentioned in the song is the middle brother Matt.

scram. said...

Ahhhh - go raibh maith agat.

Anonymous said...

barlow jacobs and michael abbot are BEAUTIFUL!!! i want to see more of them!