Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A List

Ten Things that Should Be Wiped from the Face of the Earth

  1. Wine bars.
  2. Celebrity weeklies.
  3. Sleep coaches for babies.
  4. Of-the-moment phrases used to describe an ostensibly important bloc of voters, such as “Soccer Mom” (the O.G.) or “NASCAR Dad.”
  5. Strollers that in their bulkiness and unwieldiness recall WWII troop carriers.
  6. Untucked dress shirts and the men that wear them “out.”
  7. The Crate and Barrelization of Manhattan (and, increasingly, Brooklyn).
  8. The word “luxury,” and everything to which that word is attached.
  9. The trapper hats everyone seems to be wearing.
  10. Cigar bars.
Go forth and wipe.


Robin said...

Wine bars? Are there still those? Brings back college memories when hit the "wine for a dime" bars...drunk on 2 bucks...ahhh, the good ole' days.

JOE! said...

When you say "trapper hat," do you mean those Elmer Fudd-type hats of red and black plaid with fold down earflaps and lined with coyte fur?

scram. said...

Trapper hats are the greatest thing that man (and beast, I guess, as they typically provide the materials) has ever fashioned.

Wear one and prepare yourself for your world to be turned upside-down and put to rest in a toasty, all-encompassing fur headpiece.

Mmmmmm... trapper hats...

scram. said...

Hunter - so I finally posted a new blog.

Only took me three weeks, right?

Anyway - it's there.


?oe said...

So people actually sport trapper hats around the streets of Manhattan?

Hunter Slaton said...

No, I mean the type of trapper hats that look like the dog van that the guy in Dumb & Dumber drives. And yes, people are really wearing these. It's one of the stupider looks of this -- or any -- winter season.

scram. said...

I've gone to a Crate and Barrel with you in NY. Let it be known.