Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Humor quiz

Here is a quick humor quiz.

Which is the funniest planet?
A) Pluto
B) Earth
C) Uranus
D) Neptune

Choose carefully.


Joe said...

A)Pluto, because of the hijinks he and Mickey always seem to get into

Jake-Freedom said...

Most might say Uranus - because it sounds like something else, but I'm going to have to say that Neptune is the funniest planet.

And I think Pluto got demoted awhile back.

Hunter Slaton said...

Good arguments, the both of you. Any other participants, before I unveil the answer?

Emily said...

NEPTUNE! Hunter says the answer is NEPTUNE.

Jake-Freedom said...

Awesome. Is there any explanation for that? Or is it just Neptune?

Hunter Slaton said...

It's just Neptune. Don't argue.

Oh, fine.

Pluto = strangely enough, not funny at all.
Earth = a dark horse candidate for funniest. One could certainly make a case for Earth being the most unexpected and therefore funniest.
Uranus = funny, but only in a pedestrian way. We're looking for sophisticated humor here, people.
Neptune = Funniest. Probably because it is the most pleasing to say and because it sounds like nonsense, but it's not.