Friday, January 19, 2007

Let Me Tell You About the Weather in My Neighborhood

Special Weather Advisory for the Kingsland Territories:

Expect light snow flurries this morning, slowing but continuing into the afternoon. Purple-blue light, like a bruise, will be evident over Manhattan. Snow will likely accumulate on the tops of the trucks of the Lettuce Factory, and will seem, when seen from high windows, to form down quilts on those tops, due to the snow arranging itself in patterns according to the ridges on the trucks' crowns. Expect a wet but enjoyable walk to work, due to the unique way in which a snowfall makes one notice details of one's neighborhood one hadn't before. High temperature of 43 degrees Fahrenheit, low of 27. Current temp 30 degrees Fahrenheit.


Jake-Freedom said...

That sounds awesome dude, throw a snowball at someone for me.

Geronimo McPharris said...

Throw a snowball at a stranger, a lady-stranger. Right in the face.

Brooke said...

Hunter, I heart your blog. I shall bookmark it.

I'm also jealous of your proper snow. The snowfall here in St. Louis has been minimal.

I'd send you my own blog link, but I'm a Luddite. (Although I do blog for work.

Take care of you. I'll send you a better e-mail address; I'm calling it quits with Gmail (my wireless router at home blocks Google).