Thursday, January 04, 2007

I bought some magnets

That's right, magnets. And, as is kind of typical for me, I totally went overboard and bought these magnets, which I received in the mail yesterday and are so strong they're a little scary.

But they sure do hold pictures on the fridge. Maybe even, I dunno, small animals on the fridge. Scrap metal, that sort of thing.


Buzz, any US astronaut said...

Dude, I thought I was a geek. I think an intense love for NASA and spaceships is analagous to drinking beer and smoking cigarettes when compared to 'magnet fever.' Just kidding, those look pretty cool. How much did they set you back?

Jake-Freedom said...

Dude - you're insane.

But that's why I love you.

And also because you're my brother.

Hunter Slaton said...

Buzz Aldrin: They set me back $20. They are actually sort of frightening. They come in this plastic tube within a tube -- like the kind you'd see an Alien embryo stored in for deep, cold storage -- so they don't get close to any hard drives or whatever and mess 'em up.

Jake Freedom: I know, I am crazy. Sam thinks I'm nuts, too -- I dragged him around for like two hours on Saturday trying to find magnets, but I couldn't find any heavy-duty enough to please me, so I bought these.