Thursday, October 26, 2006

It's your move

"I know I'll be stopping on Bedford for a bottle of wine and that cheese I've been dying to try."
This, my friends, is fucking sick.

And, so, yeah: I realize that, to some people, I would be considered "part of the problem." But I don't think I actually, along with many of the other people that now live in Williamsburg, am. God forbid this Crate & Barrel nouveau riche bullshit should cross the river into Brooklyn; it should stay in Manhattan where it fucking belongs. (Not that it really belongs anywhere, this kind of awful, elitist attitude, but Manhattan I feel is already mostly given-up ground.)

Further evidence that it's time to leave Williamsburg: the other day I saw someone doing a fashion shoot in the White Castle parking lot.

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Jake-Freedom said...

Interesting, before I got my current job I applied for a job with Toll Brothers. They look like they do some good work, but it's gay that they're busting in on some O.G. NYC turf. You should go throw some poop balloons on their jobsite.