Saturday, August 05, 2006

Two of us

This is me and my brother, Sam. He lived with me this summer. He is wearing a Darrell "The Machine" Waltrip T-shirt. He's not actually a NASCAR fan. We had a very good time hanging out this summer, and I'm going to miss him. My sister, Carrie, also visited us just this past week, but unfortunately I didn't take any photos. It was weird–but good–walking up Metropolitan Avenue, which I've walked so many times alone, with the both of them.
Mad respect.


Jake-Freedom said...

Dudes - awesomeness. I wish I could have chilled with you guys this summer. I've got big plans in my head for a monster sibling road trip though. So get ready. I don't know when it's going to happen but it will most definitely rock. Get thinking about it.

Paulo said...

You really wear the old blues... Man, here you tell me that $190 was a bargain for some pants and a shirt, and you wear what Raytheon issued to us used.

Hunter Slaton said...

I'm not sure I ever said $190 was a bargain—but I do wear the DA Blues. I have this idea that someday, someone will stop me on the street in New York when I'm wearing that shirt and be like, "Hold on a minute...."