Monday, August 07, 2006

Four of them

This is My Sister, Carrie (2nd from left), with Diana, Nicole, and Erin, at Coney Island a couple of Saturdays ago. This photo was taken at the Strawberry Shortcake stand, which is maybe the healthiest thing sold on Coney Island. (That's not saying much, but still.)

That day, we rode the Cyclone, the Log Flume ride (which is for babies, but was fun), and Erin and I rode this awful thing that spun around and up and down and upside-down and everything in between. Literally within 30 seconds of being on it I was sure I was going to puke. Luckily, Erin was able to talk me through it—though I didn't feel quite right for a good hour afterwards.

It was very nice to have My Sister Carrie in town. She is 17, and very beautiful and wonderful. I look forward to seeing what sort of woman she grows into.

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Jake-Freedom said...

Hunter - your friends are so "GLAM"