Thursday, October 16, 2008

Enough already about Joe the goddamn Plumber.

Tell me, who in their right mind buys this folksy Joe the Plumber B.S.? Are Americans really so dense that all it takes to get their attention (and their vote) is laying out economic policy like it's a children's book? I personally am very very tired of:

Joe Six-pack
Joe the Plumber
Hockey Moms
Soccer Moms
And all the rest

I wonder. How can we tell whether or not Americans lap up this Joe the Plumber pablum? Hmm. I wonder. Oh, I've got it! The highest-rated TV shows in America would surely be an indicator of the nation's collective mental and emotional maturity—right? Meaning it would follow that if smart shows like The Office and Mad Men were at the top of the Nielsen ratings, it would indicate that the majority of Americans don't like this Joe the Plumber nonsense, either.

Well let's go to the tape:

Drat. Foiled again.


Jake Freedom said...

He's a fake!

EdH4 said...

Not to be the crazy conservative guy on your blog but wouldn't you say that McCain backed Obama into a corner and wouldn't let him out in the last debate. Not that he was actually connecting with any seriously heavy blows but he wasn't letting up and for the first time Obama couldn't talk his way out of it. Isn't that the real reason you are diverting your faithful readers attention with 'Joe the Plumber'?

Just a little devil's advocate. I, like JakeFreedom, 'am with the black guy'.

Jen said...

I don't get the obsession with CSI. It's so morbid!