Monday, October 29, 2007

It has been my experience

that people are split more or less evenly between two differing camps when it comes to Halloween: there are those who love it and there are those who think it's stupid. And, much like Republicans and Democrats, you don't find too many switching sides. Also, it's often disastrous when a member of one group tries to date a member of the other: much like the Montagues and Capulets, only with one person (girl or guy) dressed up like Romeo or Juliet, and the other in street clothes, or "civvies," because they think that dressing up is stupid.

I fall in the latter camp. I dunno, I just don't care.


t face said...

Just ran across today’s blog…it got my mind wandering…

I think I am reformed. I like the political metaphor. I was raised in a small farm town in Maine and was a little Republican flag waving young moron. Now, I know better. Such is my take on Halloween. I figured it out eventually and look on knowingly at the other side. But, I DO recall Mr. Slaton, and have photographic proof a certain mask. It was just a mask you say...? It was the WAY you wore that mask, sir. You wore it like you MEANT it… You were once on the other side too! Though, it may have been your surroundings. Everyone is festive in Antarctica. It is like our friend Toby said, "Pretending this place is all bright and cheery is like putting lipstick on a pig. It just doesn't work." But, it WAS kind of a rush to feel so festive in such a desolate place. Like we were overcoming some challenge; like we were freeing ourselves from isolation. Maybe I just had too many Coronas. Maybe we are just longing for that challenge again. It is way too easy to be festive here. It's the path of least resistance. There is no challenge in it. Ice cream doesn't taste as good here as that Frosty Boy once did. Watching the Red Sox win the World Series seems more like just another game.

Jake-Freedom said...

Whatever dude - you dress up like Earl Hickey everyday.

I dress up like a 45 year old ex-hippie dad everyday.

Scram dresses up like a 13 year old girl everyday.

Tom said...

When asked what I was going to dress as for Halloween this year I replied: 'An adult with dignity and self respect'

I don't 'get' Halloween apparently.