Monday, October 22, 2007

Back from Japan

Back from Japan. A crazy, bizarre, wonderful trip. Among other
things, I:
  1. Sat at the bar where Bill Murray first saw Scarlett in Lost in Translation.
  2. Got attacked by deer outside of a temple in Nara.
  3. Fell in love.
  4. Saw Mt. Fuji from the window of the Shinkansen, or "bullet train."
  5. Ate many, many things which I had no idea what they were.
  6. Bowed about one million times.
  7. Got offered a naughty massage.
  8. Shook the hands of about 50 Japanese schoolchildren, who wanted to try out their English on me.
  9. Saw all these tiny, nearly three-person bars down back alleys in Osaka.
  10. Stayed in five-star hotels nightly.
... and much, much more.


Allison Hogge said...

I'm writing to request more information about item 3. Kindly spill.

Joe said...

I second that emotion - more on number 3 please. Also, if you could expand on the subject of the naughty massage...was it offered by a man in a trenchcoat? "Hey man, you lookin' to score a naughty massage?"

Jake-Freedom said...

Wow - how did all of those things happen at the same time? That must've been one crazy train ride...

Eri said...

hehe we told you to watch out for deers in Nara:)
I'm guessing that you fell in love with the country??
come visit Japan anytime!!