Thursday, June 22, 2006


This morning I've had two encounters with violins. The first came when, as has become something of a morning ritual, I was watching a bit of Saved By the Bell. It was the one where Bayside was having a beauty pageant, and Jessie was up in arms about the sexist nature of pageants. Lisa Turtle, though, had no such qualms. Eventually, everybody got in on the act - Screech entered, then Jessie, deciding that if a Screech was in the pageant then it was a step in the right direction for gender equality (was Showgirls also a step in that direction?), and Kelly and then Slater.

Anyway, at one point in the show the "gang" was rehearsing for the talent portion, and Lisa played the violin. Not well, but competently. Which reminded me of when I was a kid and I played the violin, at recitals and etc. Violin #1.

Violin #2 was a lot more unique. I recently took a new job in a new building. This morning when I came to work, I got on the elevator and hit 5. Another guy hit 2. When the doors opened at 2, they opened onto a shop full of violins.

If Violin #3 happens today, I'll know it's a sign and that I should pick the instrument back up.


Dawgtown Willie said...

I say you go ahead and get one anyways, whether #3 happens or not.

Anonymous said...

Never knew you played the violin.


Margaret said...

I agree with dogtown william. Every indie rock band needs a violinist these days.