Thursday, July 16, 2009

We Thought You'd Left Us

It's been far too long since I've blogged.

This, too, will not be a full-meal blog, a gallon of water after days in the desert. No, rather it'll just be a quick collection of what's been occupying my headspace of late.

One, I have a new web address, It currently points to this blog, so it's not much of a change, but it's nice to have the domain name.

Two, after being inspired by my brother, I'm currently working on transitioning this blog to WordPress. It's still in progress, so it's yet rough, but go take a look and let me know what you think. It's a little buggy, and when I imported my old posts from this blog, many came through duplicated one, two, or even three times. Anyone else have that problem and know how to fix it?

Third, I made a hot summer jamz 2009 "mixed CD." The reason I call it a mixed CD is because once, an old girlfriend of my brother's gave him a mix CD and called it, on the disc, a "mixed CD"—I guess that was what she thought it was called, and it always cracked us up: a mixed CD. It's all mixed-up.

Anyway, if anybody out there in TV Land who reads this blog wants one (and hasn't already claimed one via Facebook or Twitter), hit me up in the comments (or via email) with your mailing address, and I'd be happy to send one out, in plenty of time for summer listening.

It is highly recommended for cookouts.

Here is the tracklist:

And finally, I got a bike. Haven't owned one for ten years, since Oxford. I bought it used, from B's Bikes on Driggs in Greenpoint. $250, and I talked them into throwing in a bike lock and helmet ($70 value) for $50. I'm loving it. Each of the past four weekends I've ridden down, for various reasons, to Prospect Park and, wow—It really just changes the way in which you interact with the city, expands your radius. And riding up Kent Avenue on a breezy schoolnight, with the Manhattan skyline bright off across the East River, and the wind whipping around you, is a glorious thing.

Here is my bike:

I love it. But now I want one built by these guys.


Jake Freedom said...

1. I definitely dig the new blog, wordpress is to blogger as lasers are to slingshots.

2. I appreciate the extra shouts out I got in this post.

3. I don't know why you are getting doubly imported posts, I would delete them all and do it again nice and slow, and make sure you export from blogger in the right format.

4. I could definitely cruise a republic bike, that looks freaking sweet. And the price is right too. Perhaps there is a multi-day bicycle Chautauqua in the future for us.

5. When I make a "mixed CD", I usually just throw about 150 songs in a big metal bucket and then dump them out on the ground, then I put on a blindfold and pick out 12. That way they are adequately mixed.

Hunter R. Slaton said...

No. 5 made me laugh out loud, man. Also, props to you on the proper pluralizing of "shout out." It's like attorneys general — shouts out. No doubt.