Tuesday, August 12, 2008

File under fragments, fall-related

Two buildings across the way, with the gleaming Hudson beyond, behind the brick air-vent towers of the Lincoln Tunnel, toward which we are descending amid fall-like morning light, are getting new, mirrored silver skins. Put me down for one too.

Being in Europe, seeing the rowers in boats under a gray Swedish sky ignites in me the desire to be someone else: To not lead my life, to lead another’s, one who speaks Swedish, or lives in Murray Hill, or has a house in Austin. I think of Jibz and her girlfriend, doing what in Stockholm?, and under the same sky I am under, the same spray from the Baltic. But my self always catches up to me.


ClatieK said...

After reading a recent NY Times story, I wanted to be an orthodox Jew living on the Upper West Side.

Sully said...
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Joe said...

I've had similar longings to be an adherent to reformed Judaism. A less neurotic version of Joel from "Northern Exposure." Perhaps living in New York or Chicago and earning my living playing oboe in the orchestra and teaching private lessons on the side. I can envision getting into heated semi-drunken arguments with my pal the trombone player about Gustav Mahler being a superior compser compared to Richard Strauss.