Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Let me just say this:

Any Hillary supporter that votes for McCain (or no one) in November is a party traitor and should be excommunicated, and maybe deported. (Where's Putin when you need him?)

Watching the election returns last night, US News & World Report columnist and CNN panelist Gloria Borger said that she'd received an email from a Hillary supporter—in justification of Hillary's combative non-concession speech—saying that it was "her night." (Just to demonstrate that this wasn't a random lunatic supporter saying this, Terry McAuliffe, Clinton's campaign chairman, echoed this sentiment today on CNN's American Morning. John Roberts asked McAuliffe why Clinton didn't concede, and he responded, "In fairness, it was her night.")

"Her night"? Are you batshit insane? That's enough! Enough about yourself! Last night on CNN, when New Yorker writer and fellow panelist Jeffery Toobin heard Borger say that, he just about choked, remarking on the Clintons' "deranged narcissism." And you know what? As much as I love and have loved the Clintons, I'm well on my way to agreeing with Toobin.


Sully said...

I LOVED how after she made the "her night" comment, the rest of the commentators (even the "my Boo" super delegate who HAD YET TO COMMIT???), were tripping all over themselves to follow Anderson Cooper's lead in pointing out the rediculousness of the comment. But really, except for that old guy-who's my fav by the way- they had still made it her night by talking about her over and over. Time to move on. I'm glad we're not the only household who feels the same way. She's "redunk."

Sully said...

Update: I still have coworkers who don't want that "scary Muslim man in the white house." But they still can't tell if a woman was worse.


I just sit in my office and cry/hide. When I correct, they inform me that how would I know? I don't go to church (and they do). But they're Pentacostal and at least I'm not going to hell...oops. Too far?

Jake-Freedom said...

Good quote at the top - about having nothing to write about.

True indeed.

I'm voting for Huckabee.