Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Two Things

Both from the Times:

From this article on seven new sandwiches in NYC and environs:
One day last year at the Watchung Deli, at the request of a student from a nearby school, Ben Gualano piled mac-and-cheese onto a chicken cutlet sub with barbecue sauce and bacon, squeezed it shut somehow, and the Benny Mac was born.
They left out a phrase before "student"; namely, "high-as-shit."

And, more seriously, this, from an editorial on the Obama/Wright fight:
Senator John McCain has continued to embrace a prominent white supporter, Pastor John Hagee, whose bigotry matches that of Mr. Wright. Mr. McCain has not tried hard enough to stop a race-baiting commercial — complete with video of Mr. Wright — that is being run against Mr. Obama in North Carolina.
That is damn straight. It's about time far-right Christian pastors began to be held accountable for their lunacy. But will he be? No he will not.

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Sully said...

I suppose you haven't then seen the picture of the Clinton's house with Obama as the lawn jockey. Oh racism not so cleverly disguised in bad humor, how I will miss thee when the election's over. Don't read too much/watch too much on this election stuff. It will give you an ulcer and not make you a better person for knowing, only an ulcerated high hat and unhappy at that.