Thursday, December 06, 2007

First feature

My first feature article for Meetings & Conventions has been published, just this month. Go here to read it. I'm quite proud of it; I hope you all out there in TV Land enjoy it.


Ivy said...

Congratulations Hunter! Did you really get to stay at all these fantastico places? Do you have the stolen bathtowels to prove it?

Hunter R. Slaton said...

No, just visited: I went to the Gramercy Park here in the city and the Park Hyatt when I was in Tokyo. I sat at the bar where Bill Murray first saw Scarlett and it was just perfect; there was a bad jazz singer and a tableful of annoying blonde girls, just like in the movie!

Robert Ronald Wilson said...

Hello there, long-time lurker here, ummm, you don't know me, but. Nevermind, this is Robert, you know me. (Now I realize it probably says as much in my username. Unless I use ombak here...)

Excellent read Hunter, but it seemed to be missing the parts where you go into detail about what went on in the rooms when you "tested" them out...

Oh wait... now I'm reading the other comments and I see you didn't actually get to stay there... *sigh*, how will I live vicariously through my friends if they don't get to do the things I would totally have done if I could've but can't so I leave it to them, only to find out they didn't either?

Ahem. Long comment. Nonsensical post-prop-giving rant over.

Congrats again.