Thursday, November 01, 2007

Post No. 200!

Happy Post No. 200 to me! To celebrate, here's a something I wrote:

On Sun and the Interest of What’s Happening

In the Viennese café, after the movie,
we chose a sunstruck seat
in the covered outdoor garden’s corner.
“How have you been doing?” we asked one another.
“How was Japan?” “How are you and your man?”
“Japan was good,” I said. “Japan was really great.”

Maya was enjoying Brooklyn: the quiet, the space,
the more-laid-back life. But she wasn’t sure she’d stay

in the city forever. In fact, Maya was sure
she wouldn’t stay. I sipped my latte and picked at
the strudel with schlag. The light made it all
seem somehow unreal, like when in shadow
you view a street thoroughly smashed by sunshine
across the way. “And I don’t know where I’ll go.”

Earlier, in the movie, a bad-for—but mad-for—one-another couple
looked out, arms around waists, onto a Paris dusk.
I thought of my girl like that, then, and London.
It wasn’t good but it was something.

“So who do you see?” Maya asked. I stirred
from my sunny reverie and rearranged the cutlery, anxiously.
A minute earlier I’d have had an answer, but the sun seemed
to shut all that down;

the light a viscousness in which I’d been trapped,
sap slowly surprising an insect, henceforth caught,
preserved for eons, dust motes dancing in slo-mo.

Everything telescoped. “Joe,”
I said. “I talk a lot to Joe.”


Carrie said...

you know how certain books/pieces of literature that literally make you catch your breath and they practically hurt you because you want so badly to be brilliant enough to write something that could even slightly compare to it?

That was one.

Jake-Freedom said...

"It wasn't good, but it was something"

Thats great man - perfect actually.

I think thats what were here for - to do things perfectly.

Jake-Freedom said...


scram. said...

Happy Birthday, Cornhole!


Joe said...

Happy Birthgay, indeed.

Anonymous said...

yeah man, how about some words of wisdom for your unwise followers on your birthday? perhaps something about a hawaiian shirt and hippies. anything. weren't you about to say something, um, colorful?