Sunday, June 10, 2007


... if you haven't yet seen the final episode of The Sopranos.

OK, I warned you.

I posted this just a minute ago under this thread on

Amazing episode, and entirely true to life: most of the time in life, not all that much happens—not even to trigger-happy mobsters. My roommate, brother and I were on the edge of our seats for the final seven minutes in the restaurant, as every little look from someone looked like a hit coming: but it never came. That's the hell that Tony has devised for himself—not a hell handed down by the universe, but one of his own making, wherein neither he nor his family will ever be truly safe.

But, he lived; and things were going pretty well for him and his immediate family there at the end. And that's life, that's what David Chase & Co. have been trying to tell us (among other things) all along: the universe does not punish bad deeds or reward good ones; it is what it is, and there's no old man up in the sky throwing lightning bolts or sending bread from heaven, however much we may want to believe that.

I think that what Tony "got" during his peyote trip out in the desert was that, yes, there is another plane of existence, another something out there, but—like the sun that flashed at him, it is indifferent to what we do on this earth. We may come from somewhere, but whatever that somewhere is doesn't have any feelings one way or the other about what we do here. This was the only true way The Sopranos, given its entire preceding run, could have ended—no matter how many red herrings David Chase threw us along the way.

Congratulations to everyone who has been involved in this incredible show—which, if I may be so bold, deserves to be mentioned alongside such great and timeless works of art as Ulysses, Guernica, Citizen Kane, et al. Job well—and, most importantly, honestly—done to the very end.

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Sponzi Soprano said...

Here's something I found on the 'net. Can't vouch for it's accuracy:

"The guy at the vounter was actually Phil's Nephew, Nikki Leotardo. He was at the sit down in the first part of season six reguarding Vito's future. The trucker was the brother of the guy who Christopher robbed in season 2. He was the guy that had to identify the body. Those friends were the guys that were hired by Tony's mom to kill him but only clipped his ear or whatever. Those boy scouts were in the store when Bobby was shot too"

Some feel that the "cut to black" was Tony being offed. Possible, especially if that man was, in fact, Nicky Leotardo.