Wednesday, February 22, 2006

If ever

If ever you're writing and at a loss for a good character name, check your email's spam folder. It's a freakin' goldmine:

Harland Brocious
Rabab Lettieri
Ignacio Love
Chance McLeod
Bradley Popp
Stefano Allis
Chelsea Winters
Katherine Fischer
Maiara Genao
Hippolytos Chery
Amelia Rossi
Edmond Sircy
Sally Rutledge

Also in Arkansas, at the U of A in Fayetteville, on the sidewalks they have the names of all the graduates listed by year. You can just walk around and imagine stories for the names to your heart's content. My favorite:

Beulah Laughinghouse

(I added the Beulah, but the Laughinghouse I found... what a fantastic last name.)


Anonymous said...

yeah good observation. what computer program generates those spam names i wonder? are you writing something and that's why you need character names/

Hunter Slaton said...

Not writing something writing something, but perhaps trying to.

Emily de la Vegas said...

I think there are a few Laughinghouses on the walk. The first one, I believe, is actually N. R. Laughinghouse, and he's right in front of Old Main. Why don't people give their kids funny initials anymore?

Margaret said...

I just got an email from

Babylon K. Pacifies