Thursday, January 12, 2006

Eat the movie, drink the steak, watch the wine.

Springlike weather in New York, the bus runs by my window, the Empire above.

Watched, the last three nights, the PBS Country Boys documentary, by David Sutherland. Very good, and the title song, by Ray Riddle, has been stuck in my head since.

This weekend's a long weekend, due to MLK Day, and I think I might paint my living room. We never had MLK Day in high school, Catholic High School for Boys, because Father Tribou said,

"Boys, we won't be off on Monday for Martin Luther King Day because I think if Dr. King were alive today he'd want you in school and not sitting on your butts at home."

If you'd like to observe MLK Day with a little reading, I'd suggest his Letter from a Birmingham Jail, or "Why We Can't Wait." It's really amazing and stirring and call-to-arms.

Enough for this evenin'.

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