Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Maya wrote:

"there's something i like about the crazy shit that
happens in this city. there's such a sense of "suck it up together" that i
like about times like this. seeing the throngs walking and hitch
hiking...it's kind of cool."

I totally agree. I started walking from my crib at 8:30 this morning,
headed toward the Williamsburg Bridge, and on my way a car with two women in
it called out to me, "Manhattan?" I said yeah and they said hop in, so I
did. Later we snagged another girl - making the total of four per car
necessary to enter the city - and had a great time talking and listening to
the news about the strike. Then, when they let me out, the driver,
Valiance, said if I wanted a ride tomorrow that she was picking up her
friend at 8am on the corner of Graham & Metro, right near where I live.

And it was funny, waiting in traffic to cross the bridge, to see all the
random collection of people in all the cars: black, white, Asian, Mexican,
doesn't matter at all. Everybody's a New Yorker and's gotta get to work!

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always write said...

Paulo and I are pleased that you're posting, but it's enough already with the cut-n-paste jobs. Step it up, baby; We want original content.